London, UK 2013

Looking forward to that time again.

Islamabad, Pakistan

You may not expect to find cosplayers in Pakistan, but here they are. 

After a meeting with the organizers of the Pakistani comic convention "TwinCon" they decided to meet me as their favourite character in a park in the heart of Islamabad.

Looking back at three years of film collaboration and festivals with Alessandro Rovere.

While the direction, the production, the script and the camera has been in my hands with Gender X, Alessandro took over the most part of From North To South.

Trailer to the short documentary that will be the heart piece of the KLIMAFLUCHT travelling exhibition by the German Climate Foundation (Deutsche KlimaStiftung). Shot in Samos, Greece, while researching the current impact of climate related migration to the EU against the background of projections on future migration patterns.

During the shoot the filming team of the German Climate Foundation got arrested by the Greek police under the ridiculous suspicion of espionage.

Naples, Italy 2020

In the streets of Naples Diego Maradona has been a saint already during his lifetime. 

Now that he has passed away he is more than alive in their hearts.

Berlin 2020

Satirist and Member of the European Parliament Martin Sonneborn

Berlin, 2020

Portraits of Melissa Lee for the Berlin Artist Project

Happy birthday, Prinzessin!

Positano, Italy 2020

Berlin 2020

Theresa and Maria dancing the Tango at a backyard of a abandoned building in the heart of Berlin just before a show at Almost Circus. Even during the Corona pandemic restrictions artists continue their work. Sometimes in front of a small audience and often alone in their studios or at home.